About Marion Mixers

About Marion Mixers

Marion Mixers is the “brand of choice” for horizontal mixing and blending, batch and continuous process equipment. Our globally-esteemed company is recognized as the innovation leader in custom-designed mixing applications.

In industries including food, dairy, plastic, mineral, aggregate, biosolids, energy, and many more, Marion Mixers is unsurpassed in quality, customer-support and machine durability.

We stand behind each of our hand-crafted machines, thoroughly tested to meet your application-specific processing requirements with the assurance of replacement parts designed for decades of consistent, trouble-free production.

Here’s why processors throughout the world have a Marion Mixer at the top spot of their “short list.”

  1. Hand-crafted…..no assembly lines, no mass production.
  2. Each machine is designed and built to meet the exact requirements of each application.
  3. We are the leaders in INNOVATION and never compromise quality for quantity.
  4. Unconditionally Guaranteed. We stand behind every mixer we build!
  5. Designed for volume, horsepower and production through-put.
  6. Free trial mixers.
  7. We maintain replacement parts for each machine…..since day one.
  8. We staff the best Application & Design Engineers to partner your project.
  9. We use only state of the art welding and fabrication equipment.
  10. Designed for decades of consistent, trouble-free production.

Marion Test Mixers

Based on your application requirements, a test mixer will be selected and assembled with the appropriate configuration of agitator, chopper, spray manifold, etc. Each mixer is shipped complete with an integral control panel. Your test mixer can be wired for either 230V or 460V power supply. Each control panel is equipped with a tachometer and an ammeter. By recording voltage, ampacity, shaft speed and batch weight during the test, the team at Marion can calculate the horsepower requirements for your production mixer.

On-site testing of the mixer is generally most productive because your end-use operators will have the opportunity to verify both the product and process. However, if an "in-house" test is not convenient or expeditious, Marion has testing capability available at our location for most non-hazardous products. Per your application specifications, trial tests can be conducted and documented on video tape. The test data and final mixed product is then returned to your location.

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